LetzGo! is aimed at people on the go who need real time eventing updates sent to them as they move around.

LetzGo! is built with the user in mind, we all like to hang out with mates but sometimes we don't know where to go or we are short on funds. LetzGo! takes care of these problems right in the palm of your hand. When you drive by your favourite hang-out the app notifies you of active specials and promotions. Accept the promo, invite some friends, show up and get rewarded! It couldn't be simpler!


LetzGo! for Artists

Invite ALL your fans & friends to your gigs in a few easy steps, for FREE.

Your posts on conventional social media platforms only reach a small percentage of your friends & fan base. LetzGo! makes it possible to reach ALL of your friends & fans without having to incur any costs. LetzGo! can help you to reach the ideal target audience for any given event. TRY IT OUT TODAY...


LetzGo! for Merchants

LetzGo! Merchants is aimed at simplifying your promotions activity.

LetzGo! Is an inbound marketing platform that uses location-based technology to enable users to find promotions and events in the area where they currently are. LetzGo! enables Merchants and Promoters to list their promotions and events on the platform using our geofence based listing system.

The geofence defines an area surrounding the venue. When a user enters the geofence, they are notified by push notification about the promotion. LetzGo! is a free app that users can download from either the Apple of Android app stores...


Brand Promotion

There simply isn't an easier, more effective way to promote your brand!

Success in industry and business can most often only be achieved through marketing and brand management. With LetzGo! it couldn't be simpler, the app opens many new avenues to branding marketers by directly targeting key audiences directly to their mobile devices...


LetzGo! Shopping

Aimed primarely at retailers based in shopping malls.

Every shopping mall has foot traffic totalling thousands on a daily basis, most shoppers use malls for convenience and to save some money. Why not use this effectively to promote your store as shoppers stroll by? LetzGo! shopping uses push messaging and proximity beacons directly to shoppers as they approach your store. Saving you money on your marketing spend and exponentially extend your promotional reach at a fraction of the cost...